An internship in a rehablitation counseling setting is at the core of the student's professional development experience. It is during this stage of the graduate program that the on site supervisor plays a most vital role. The full-time internship experience provides sufficient time to enable the student to grow both personally and professionally.

According to the Council on Rehabilitation Education standards and Department of Rehabilitation Counseling requirements, students must have supervised rehabilitation counseling fieldwork and internship experiences that include:

  1. a minimum of 100 hours of practicum experience (as part of RHAB 692);
  2. a minimum of 600 hours of internship experience in rehabilitation/counseling settings (as part of RHAB 695 and/or 696);
    • 240 hours of the 600 hour requirement must be with DIRECT FACE TO FACE CLIENT CONTACT. "Client" shall be defined as individuals with, or directly affected by a disability, functional limitation(s), or medical condition who receive services from rehabilitation counselors. This definition comes from Section A, A.1., a. page 2 of the Code of Professional Ethics of the Commission on Certification of Rehabilitation Counselors, January 1, 2002.
  3. written expectations and procedures for these experiences that are distributed to students and agency supervisors;
  4. the following activities:
    • orientation to program components, policies and procedures, introduction to staff and their role and function, and the identification of the expectations for students,
    • observation of all aspects of the delivery of rehabilitation counseling services,
    • work assignments, performing the tasks required of an employed rehabilitation counselor in a rehabilitation setting from intake to discharge and/or placement,
    • reporting — to include all required academic reports as well as logs, weekly progress reviews and summaries of activities; and
  5. evaluation of student performance by the student, the agency supervisor and the faculty supervisor.

Internship experiences shall be carried out under the regularly scheduled supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). 

The department selects diverse internship sites that provide rehabilitation counseling services to individuals with disabilities in a manner consistent with the mission of the program. Where applicable, there shall be documented evidence that the sites are accredited or seeking accreditation by recognized national accrediting bodies.

For both fieldwork and internship experiences, there is a minimum of one supervised hour per week onsite and 90 minutes of group supervision by the department clinical coordinator or other qualified faculty member.

RHAB Clinical Handbook 2017

Clinical Experience Fact Sheet

Fieldwork Affiliation Agreement Process

Internship Notice