Khoredia Thiam receives 2022 Graduate Student Scholarship for underrepresented students

The Rehabilitation Counseling Department is pleased to announce that Khoredia Thiam received the 2022 Graduate Student Scholarship for underrepresented students pursuing a master's degree or students participating in specialized masters initiatives.

Khoredia shares the following sentiments about receiving the award: 
As a first-generation Senegalese-American child, there was nothing more instilled in me and my siblings than the need for education and continuously learning. I am beyond elated to be the only recipient in our program to receive the graduate scholarship for the academic year 2021-2022. This is only my 2nd semester in the program and I have learned so much in little time. Being a single mother, full-time employee and graduate student has not been easy but has been absolutely worth it. I am so grateful for the awesome teachers I have had interactions with inside and outside of the classroom as well as my amazing advisor, Dr. Holmes who has been so supportive of my future endeavors.
I have a strong passion for treating those that look and represent me who may have been overlooked. My background is more so behind the scenes working with VA Medicaid and its recipients to provide equal access to care in our community. My hope is to graduate in August of 2023 with my master's in mental health counseling and go on working with the black and brown population dealing with trauma, substance abuse as well as adolescents in the foster care system. My long-term goal involves taking my experience here in the states and opening a practice in my parent's hometown of Senegal, West Africa to pay homage but also start a shift in a culture that does not believe in the importance of mental health. Years later, I truly hope to look back at my time here at VCU and really reflect on these pivotal moments.

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