Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (C-SAC)

The Department of Rehabilitation Counseling is offering specialty coursework for students to earn their Certified Substance Abuse Counseling (CSAC) credential in Virginia.

A CSAC is a certification that shows professional-level training in addictions and substance use prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. This credential can help counselors be prepared to work directly with substance use disorders and people in recovery across the continuum of care.

Enrolled Master’s degree students can elect to complete additional coursework and their clinical placement at an approved site to earn the didactic and clinical experience necessary to achieve this credential. Interested students will work with their advisor, once enrolled, to determine an appropriate course of study.

*Be advised that the attainment of all necessary coursework will extend beyond the timeframe discussed in the accelerated program format for the MS program.

Professional Counseling Certificate students may enroll in the coursework they need to achieve the CSAC credential. Since most students require an individualized course plan based on their previous educational experience, certificate students will work with their advisor to determine a course of study that will assist them in achieving this credential.