Student Resources

Here we have provided a list of university resources that will be of use while you are a student in the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling graduate program. You will find important information about financial assistance, the bulletin, honor code and the Schedule of Classes. The Department of Rehabilitation Counseling is committed to accommodating a diverse student body. Please explore information provided to become familiar with requesting and receiving accommodations.

Division for Academic Success

The goal of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Division for Academic Success is to provide students with disabilities equal opportunities in their education. The office offers services that range from assisting students with classroom studies to financial aid to dormitory accommodations. See this site for Accommodation Services.

Academic Calendars

The university’s academic calendars outline entire academic years, with information on when to register, when the university is closed for holidays and other important dates. The calendars cover several academic years.

Financial Assistance

Virginia Commonwealth University and the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling offer financial assistance to students in need. Please review the resources we have provided to find out which option is the most appropriate for you.

Honor Code

Virginia Commonwealth University values truth, honesty and integrity. The Honor Code ensures that these values are upheld in every aspect of a student’s academic development. Please take a moment to read what, as a student, your responsibilities are and learn the Honor Code pledge.

Schedule of Classes

Current copies of the Schedule of Classes are available online for review of classes offered each semester. The schedules not only provide course listings, they cover registration and financial information, academic rules and resources, and a directory of contacts.