Q: How can I check my grades online?
A: Students can always view their academic records online through eServices@VCU, a password-protected service. Through this site, each student can access all of his or her student records at VCU, including registration information, financial aid, student billing and transcripts.

Q: How do I register for classes? (on-campus and online processes)
A: After discussing course selections with their academic advisors, continuing rehabilitation counseling students can register for most courses through the eServices@VCU site. Some courses, however, such as Internship, require in-person registration; advisors must sign those registration forms before students take them to the Sanger Hall Student Services Center.

Q: Who can I contact when I have computer problems?
A: VCU’s Academic Technology Help Desk is available by calling (804) 828-2227 or you can access their Web site. Students should be sure to have their VCU ID numbers handy when calling or submitting a support request online.

Q: How can I gain access to VCU Libraries online?
A: From the VCU home page, click on the “Libraries” link or you can go directly to the VCU Libraries’ home page. For instructions about connecting to the VCU Libraries click here for their list of tools.

Q: How should I request reasonable educational accommodations for my disability?
A: Contact the Student Accessibility and Educational Opportunity Office at (804) 828-2253, or visit their Web site.

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